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Your business may have a few job openings, but if you advertise the position you are likely to receive dozens if not hundreds of applications. Perhaps your business has attended a job fair. You could well have hundreds, even thousands of applications. Even after you weed out the people obviously not qualified, you will still have a large number. Why burden your HR department with all those telephone calls and followup. Employer-References can do it for you and at very attractive rates.

Going Out of Business?
Companies going out of business, bankrupt or defunct, don't leave your employees without employment references. Large corporations fail, and many small businesses and startups fail. All that hard work should not go to waste. Don't abandon your former employees without a job reference. Blue Planet Offices will store your relevant HR records and provide references for job seekers with a dedicated Toll Free 800 number at low cost or even free.

Blue Planet's Employer-References can help with outplacement services for your outgoing employees. Make us part of the separation package. Why burden your HR department with reference requests for hundreds or thousands of separated employees? Our call center can provide live operators to provide this service at very attractive rates.

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